Prakrit Research and Studies

Centre for Prakrit Research Studies was inaugurated in December 2009

Various programmes organised by the prakrit study center 

National Prakrit & Pali Seminar was held on 05-05/03/2019 at Jaipur Campus 

National Prakrit & Pali Seminar Invitation Card ................Click here to download PDF

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Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification
Dr.Prabhat Das Senior Research Fellow (Prakrit)     M.A.(Sanskrit, Prakrit, Jainology & Comparative religion) Acharya(Jain darshan, Baudha darshan, Sanskrit Sahitya), NET., SLET., Ph.D.
Dr.Amit Kumar Jain        Senior Research Fellow (Prakrit) M.A.(Sanskrit, Prakrit & Jainology) Ph.D.
Dr.Satendra Jain Senior Research Fellow (Prakrit) M.A.( Prakrit & Jainagam) Acharya(Jain darshan), NET., Ph.D.
Dr.Darshna Jain        Senior Research Fellow (Prakrit) M.A.(Sanskrit, Prakrit & Jainology) Ph.D.

Various Projects have been completed and published by the centre are as under:

1.      Collection of Bharatmuni's Natyashastras's Prakrit Refrences

     (Sanskrit chhaya and Hindi Translation)

2.      Kasaya-Pahud (Sanskrit-chhaya).

3.      Rayanasar (Sanskrit-chhaya)

4.      Bhadrabahukriyasaar (Sanskrit-chhaya)

5.      Gyansaar (Sanskrit-chhaya)

6.      Aakhyanmanikosh (Hindi Translation of two Adhikaras)

7.      Darshanika Mimansa in Prakrit & Apabhransha Litt.

On going Projects:-

1.      Magadhi Prakrit-Ek-Khoj

2.      Aakhyanmanikosh (Hindi Translation of remaining Adhikaras)

3.      Dansanakaharayanakarandu- (Manuscript Editing and Hindi


4.      Gaharayanakosh- (Sanskrit chhaya & Hindi Translation)

5.      Vasudev Hindi(Sanskrit-chhaya)